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Professional heated display case

To present your pizzas, you need a professional heated display case, an elegant piece of equipment that is ideal for your product. At Resto Concept you have very beautiful rotating stainless steel heating devices such as a heated display case with rotating or fixed shelves, heated display case with ventilated shelf, heated models with 3 levels capacity or heated display cases with 4 levels.

Your catering establishment, bakery and pastry shop will be available with professional quality heated presentation equipment with an adjustable temperature which keeps your food hot, with a completely innovative design. Resto concept also puts at your service the refrigerated display counter used to present starters, main courses or dessert buffets. This entire range is available on our site at the best prices on the market.

Petites roulettes (LPCAST) HATCO
Petites roulettes à la place de roulettes standard (51 mm de diamètre avec dégagement de 76 mm)
Kit d'empilage (7-1-STACK) HATCO
Kit d'empilage monté sur le dessus de l'armoire pour deux FSHC-7-1 au lieu de roulettes, Gris métallisé