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Refrigerated display cases

Are you looking for the ideal refrigeration solution for your business? Our selection of refrigerated display cases includes refrigerated display cases for pastries, counter display cases, refrigerated counters for bakeries and many other fridge, chest freezer and positive cold room options.

You can also find great deals on second hand display cases, drinks cabinets and glass counters, wall mounted display case with glass doors. Ensure the freshness of your products with our high-quality refrigerated display cases.

Vitrine réfrigérée 1480mm Vivaldi MAFIROL
-Dim: 1480x1016x1303 mm -Surface d'exposition: 1.32 m² - Température de service: *Froid ventilé: +2/+5°C *Froid statique: +4/+8°C -Puissance: 450W - Vitres verticales - Réserve neutre