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Raclette machines

To choose the best professional raclette machine, it is essential to consider the power and quality of the equipment. A good device must be able to handle a large quantity of cheese, such as half a wheel or even a whole wheel, without losing efficiency. Models from recognized brands such as Casselin, Tellier or Lagrange often offer power adapted to the intense needs of a restaurant. The presence of an adjustable switch is a plus for controlling the temperature and guaranteeing perfect melting of the cheese. In addition, an electric stainless steel appliance with a tilting arm will allow you to adjust the height and angle of heat, which is ideal for a traditional raclette or for heating side dishes such as meat or vegetables on the grill side. Finally, a professional raclette machine design and a sturdy base will ensure not only durability but also the authenticity of the atmosphere during your raclette evenings.

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