Stainless Steel Serving Trolley - Plate Holder & Plate Supports

Stainless steel trolley and professional plate holder

Our stainless steel serving trolleys are the perfect solution to simplify dishwashing management in your kitchen or at your events. Featuring professional features and solid, quality stainless steel construction, they meet a variety of needs, from cooking to tabletop presentation.

  • . Professional Stainless Steel Service Trolley: Our selection includes professional serving trolleys, designed to meet the highest requirements in catering and hospitality. These 3-level stainless steel serving trolleys offer optimal transport capacity.
  • . Plate Holder & Plate Holders: Each cart is equipped with plate holders and plate holders, allowing you to transport and present your dishes in an elegant and organized way. Integrated kitchen plate holders make it easier to transport dishes without the risk of spilling.
  • . Serving Trolley: Our stainless steel serving trolleys are more than just trolleys, they are versatile trolleys for the professional kitchen. They are available in different configurations, including 2-tray serving cart and 3-tray serving cart, to meet your specific needs.
  • . Quality Stainless Steel Construction: Robustness and durability are essential for professional use. Our stainless steel serving carts are made with high quality materials to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Opt for functionality and elegance with our stainless steel serving trolleys. Whether for your professional kitchen, your catering service or your table presentation, our trolleys will offer you a practical and elegant solution for managing dishes and dishes. Discover our range today.

Dimensions exterieure - LxPxH (cm) 89x59x103
Dimensions exterieure - LxPxH (cm) 100x59x103