Ice Cream Turbine - Professional Ice Cream Maker for Homemade Ice Cream

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Turbine à Glace Pasteurisateur Multifonctions Occasion
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-Mixer, pasteurizer, combined Hot/Cold turbine
-Dimensions: 610x860x1430 mm
1) Upper tank: 2L liquid + 1kg powder (Max 6L, Optimum: 3L)
2) Lower tank: Max 7L, Optimum 5L
1) Cream: 2 blades (upper motor)
2) Glass: 3 blades (lower motor)
1) Upper turbine: Heating/Pasteurization (50°C to 105°C)
2) Lower turbine: Heating and Cooling (Mixing)
-Refrigerant: R404A
-Power: 4.4 Kw
-Voltage: 380V - 415V / 50 Hz
-Weight: 240 Kg
-Year of manufacture: 2017