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Manual divider

The manual divider is essential equipment in the world of baking and pastry, allowing precise and rapid division of round dough into equal portions. Whether for pieces of bread, pizza or other bakery products, this tool guarantees a uniform consistency and considerable time savings.


With varied models, ranging from hexagonal to rectangular, every baker can find the divider suited to their needs. Standard parts are designed to accommodate different weights and volumes, providing flexibility for working with doughs ranging from a few grams to several kilograms. Brands like Bertrand Puma, Jac, Sinmag or Bongard offer robust and reliable manual and automatic dividers, often built in stainless steel for optimal durability and hygiene. For those looking to optimize their production without sacrificing artisanal quality, semi-automatic divider, shaper and rounder machines represent an excellent compromise.


Finally, with suppliers like Ematika who ensure a complete purchasing experience with advice, secure payment and efficient delivery, the acquisition of a manual divider becomes a simple and reassuring step in equipping a modern bakery.

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