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Fermentation chambers

The controlled fermentation chamber, also called a controlled proofing chamber, is a device that allows you to control the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the dough is fermented. This step is crucial for the quality of the finished products, because it allows the bread dough to develop its volume and aromas.

The controlled fermentation chamber is equipped with automatic temperature and humidity regulation systems, which guarantees uniform and precise fermentation. It is generally designed to accommodate storage carts, which helps streamline the production process.

There are different types of controlled fermentation chambers, suitable for the needs of bakeries of all sizes. Small bakeries may get by with a simple proofer, while larger bakeries or production lines may need a larger, more sophisticated proofer.

Push chamber 2 trolleys 400x800 - Bongard Occasion
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- Possibilité de chariot 800x800 / 1100x800 -Type : Retard. étuve BFM 2 Roll 530x830H1856 -Type de réfrigérant : R 404 A -Ampérage: 12,00 A -Poids du réfrigérant : 2,3 kg -Poids : 294 kg -Puissance : 1,9kW -Puissance à froid : 1,6 kW -Température d'utilisation : 30 °C -Dimensions grille de l'étuve : 1ch 800x1000 H1855 (E1080x810) -Nombre de compartiments : 1 -Armoire de pousse type : BFM Monocell pour chariot -Utilisation prévue : Standard -Tension : 230V /1PH + G/ 50Hz /TNTT -Pays d'origine : France -Date de fabrication : 12/2017
Fermentation chamber 2 trolley BONGARD Used
-Dim: 2150x1330x2100mm -Dim porte: 1010x1900mm -2 chariots 600x800 ou 800x800 -Num de série: 10130991 -Année de fabrication: 2005 -Tension: 400V -Fréquence: 50Hz -Temp d'utilisation: 32°C -Puissance chauffe: 2,5Kw -Puissance frigorifique: 2,99Kw -Poids: 420Kg
BFC 800X800